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Enterprise Hosted Exchange

APV TECH will help provide professional consultation and technology to optimize your operation with the goal of improving delivery of goods and reduction in production costs. There are very few hosted exchange solutions in the market that can meet the complex needs of any size of business. Traditional hosted exchange offerings tend to be very basic and take a 'one-size-fits-all' approach. These offerings are designed for the SMB, limiting remote management and administration. Pure 'cloud' offerings have been homogenized for the mass market and don't provide the operational flexibility large organizations demand.

On the other extreme are the traditional outsourcers who tend to be very expensive and slow to implement.
APV TECH has a solution that provides a fast, cost-effective alternative for all businesses large and small. For businesses with more complex messaging requirements we are able garner further savings. Companies of 500, 1000 or even 10,000 have migrated to the Enterprise Hosted Exchange platform solution and maintained integration with legacy applications. These same companies have realized cost savings of up to 40% and experienced an improvement in performance and availability over an on-site deployment.

What is different about the APV TECH Enterprise Hosted Exchange solution:

Advanced features, functionality and points of integration
High Availability and Performance
Blended plans for a diverse, distributed work force
Advanced Security and Monitoring
Complex Migration Services

Call us and arrange a quick needs assessment form so we can understand your unique requirements and design a solution for your organization. We are confident we can deliver superior value and allow your organization to realize significant savings.

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